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  • Covid Protection Framework

    The following is from the committee regarding the decisions around the Covid Protection Framework.


    The committee agreed that “To comply with health department Covid protection measures the following conditions  will come into force for the Inglewood Golf Club from Friday the 3rd December 2021"

    Please note that these rules are based on the current traffic light of ORANGE, and will be different under other colours.

    The rules may be amended at anytime, for example due to changing requirements from the Government or for change to what is considered best practice.

    The committee have endeavoured to make playing on the course open to all.
    But please note failure of players to stay within the covid protection framework requirements for gatherings outside of vaccine passes, may force the committee to change this.

    When the bar OR catering are open, only people with valid vaccine passes will be allowed in the clubrooms and on deck outside clubrooms.
    All people entering the premises during these times must show their vaccination pass ( phone or hardcopy) to the barperson or kitchen staff.

    When both the bar AND catering are closed, all people are allowed in the clubroom, but note this is limited to 50 people requirement under orange.
    Masks are strongly recommended to be worn but not mandated.

    Toilets may be accessed by anyone needing to use the toilet facilities, but when bar or catering operating, only those with vaccine passes are permitted to enter the clubrooms proper.

    Course (everything outside of the Clubrooms and deck)
    On course there are no restrictions but players must stay in their groups of  50 of less under orange as per the orange requirements and stay 2m away from other groups.
    Drink fountains and compressor hose  are now allowed to be used, and pins may be removed on the green, scorecards swapped etc.

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